Friday 28 June 2013

Folk Tale Sandbox Vision Presentation

by Simon Dean, Project Lead

I'm pleased to share with the community our Sandbox Vision Presentation. It covers many of the features planned for Sandbox, and addresses the great suggestions and ideas provided by the Folk Tale community since launching on Steam Early Access.

The Folk Tale alpha is available for PC and Mac priced at $20 on Steam Early Access, and includes the current alpha, regular development updates, the final digital retail release of the game, and all patches thereafter.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Folk Tale's Steam Early Access Launch Experience

by Simon Dean

Things might appear to have gotten a little quiet in May, but in reality we have been crazily busy preparing for and launching Folk Tale on Steam Early Access.

It's been an amazing experience that far surpassed our expectations. 10 days after launch I took a 45-minute interview with Ryan Turner of the Solar Gamer to discuss the game, our lead up to Early Access, some of the issues we experienced during launch, and our plans for the future.

You can buy the Folk Tale alpha for PC and Mac and follow it during development on Steam Early Access.