Friday 4 January 2013

Kickstarter: Preparations Begin

In a previous blog we outlined our reasons for adopting a wait and see stance with regards Kickstarter's launch in the UK. In the first month of its launch, we didn't have a huge list of similar UK projects to observe. Projects that we thought would reach their funding targets, didn't. Slowly but surely though, a few projects including Sui Generis and Maia started to reach their funding goals, and by the onset of Winter a number of the UK's best-known game designer-royalty including Peter Molyneux ( Godus ) and David Braben ( Elite: Dangerous ) had launched successful campaigns.

These projects have inadvertently addressed a number of the concerns we had. It appears that the Kickstarter community is prepared to back non-US originating projects, and in doing so supporters have now entered their credit card details, in theory reducing the barrier of additional steps required to support UK projects. Our concern still remains of not being able to quote pledge tiers primarily in USD, but by providing approx. conversion values in USD and EUR in each tier hopefully this doesn't put potential supporters off.

So with the Folk Tale demo approaching completion, we've decided to bite the bullet and start planning and designing our Kickstarter campaign page. It's very early stages, and once we've made progress we'll be sharing a preview link through our newsletter which we'd very much like you to provide feedback on. We need to do everything we can to give the campaign the greatest chance of success.

The provisional campaign launch is April. We shall keep you posted.