Saturday 30 November 2013

Folk Tale Dev Blog 16

With patch 0.2 due around Christmas, it's all hands on deck tweaking content and squashing show-stopping bugs. We're calling it a preview because it's a raw first look at the Location Editor that delivers much of the Sandbox Foundation Layer - the set of modules described in the Sandbox Vision Presentation on which the entire game sits.

Included in 0.2 will be a fully designed location that we'll take a work-in-progress look at now. In time this will become the setting for our tower defence mini-game in patch 0.3. Using 0.2 you will be able to modify it to your hearts content and even share your own designs with us and the community by hosting the map zip file for download ( instructions will be made available at a later date ).

But enough preamble, time to dive into the Location Editor and start designing.

Characters - Beastman

We continue to cherry pick monsters from the favourite monster forum topic that are a good fit for the tower defence game that will be patch 0.3. Beastmen are tough warriors that you'll meet in open ground outside your city walls. Heavily armored, they sport a number of weapons including dual wield axes, a two-handed battle axe, and ranged javelin.

A few days ago razorback boars were also moved into production. As well as creating the base boar model, we're creating armored War Pigs to be pack animals allied to the Beastmen. There's going to be a whole lot of grunting and snorting going off when you run into these guys.

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