Friday 31 January 2014

Folk Tale Dev Blog 19

With Patch 0.2.2 just around the corner we've been importing a lot of the assets from the last six months of dev blogs into the Editor, and some of the original assets from the Tutorial that we'll need for the next slice of playable content in 0.3. In the video we take a fly around the Human Village map in the Editor to visit some of the new assets.

Community Requested Assets

When we launched Patch 0.2.0 the community set to work with the Grassland Kit, combining assets to suggest new assets that would be useful to have. In Patch 0.2.2 we'll be adding some new assets that we've created in direct response to community feedback.

First up are additional water tiles. Now you can add tributaries and forks to your rivers, as well as multiple feeders into larger lakes.

Water presents a major navigational hazard ( especially since there is no swimming ) and a number of community members mocked together simple wooden bridges using the wood plank assets. We've taken those ideas a little further and introduced a number of complete bridge assets, three of which can be seen below.

Migrated and Extended Assets

The Tutorial established much of the Art Direction for Sandbox, and we'll be migrating many of the assets across for use in the Editor. While not strictly limited to Kobolds, the Kobold Camp kit includes lots of useful assets for primitive races. Each of the monsters released in Patch 0.2.2 will in time have their own battle camp kits. The Undead will use the Graveyard Kit, while the Beastmen, Goblins and Ogres still need theirs creating at some point during the 0.2.x release cycle.


The finishing touches are being made to the male and female Farmer, who along with the Miner shared in the previous blog will be included as assets in Patch 0.2.2.

What's In Production?

In a new section for the blog, we're going to start taking a look at what the team will be working on in the fortnight to come.

There's not much point going into any depth otherwise that we'll defeat the purpose of the next dev blog. Suffice to say that now the Editor is working well, focus has shifted towards developing a Player that can load in maps created in the Editor and actually play them. That means monsters coming to life, villagers performing work tasks in a run-time simulation, and possibly the occasional fight. UI will be extremely limited in early simulations, most likely relying on keyboard shortcuts to construction buildings. Work started on the final UI iteration in early January, and we'll be rolling that out across sandbox when the time comes.

Assets wise it's more of the same - new occupations created using the new character customization system in both male and female varieties, more buildings, and the resource points where workers go to harvest wood, stone, iron and meat.

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